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Get a free VIN check with our service


Get a free VIN check with our service

Decryption of the VIN code.

Are you buying a car and want to be sure that it is not stolen, will last a long time and did not get to you after a serious accident? A VIN number is a cipher containing the data you need.

"VIN Decryption" is a tool that will help you get useful information about your car and its history.

Get a free Check VIN with our service /  VIN decoder & Lookup.

Where can I get the VIN code?

The VIN number, or unique vehicle code, is indicated by the manufacturer on the body (in most cases, the front left rack) or chassis. VIN is a set of 17 letters (except I, Q, O) and numbers. The code is applied in one line, without spaces.

What can I find out when decrypting the VIN?

Year of manufacture (model range);

Country and manufacturer;

Body and engine type;

General characteristics;


Information about the sale of the car, its mileage and other data.